• Standing Up
    Oh hey. Recently, we asked a group of teens to write down things they viewed as struggles.  I was stunned at how vulnerable they were willing to be.  It wasn’t just that they were writing these things down for us to see, they were writing them in front of their peers.  Some knew each other,… Read more: Standing Up
  • Smiling Depression
    Oh hey. I bet every person reading this has at least one group text they’re a part of.  This afternoon, one of my friends sent a message to our group text, and it included a link to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s website. Obviously I’m clicking. The link took me to a promotion for… Read more: Smiling Depression
  • Grace: To Mom, From Deegan
    Oh hey. I’m a nurse.  And a mom, and a wife, and a daughter, and a sister.  I’m a granddaughter, and a niece, and a cousin, and a friend. And there’s one hat that I wear no matter which role I’m playing at the time: I’m a fixer.  When someone has a problem, big or… Read more: Grace: To Mom, From Deegan
  • Be Brave. Be Like Bob.
    Oh.  Hey.   Spring Break, huh?   Last night, I read a comment on one of my social media posts from a parent that was actively witnessing the effects of a child being isolated from their friends while they were on Spring Break.  Ah, group time out.  I’ve been sitting here for a while, my fingertips on… Read more: Be Brave. Be Like Bob.
  • Letters to My Son in Heaven – A Blog
    Oh hey. When Deegan died, our therapist suggested journaling as a way to work through my grief.  I couldn’t help but think of the journals I’d kept as a teenage girl, and how I’d laughed at myself reading those words as a grown woman.  It’s funny how the things that were monumental as a 17-year-old… Read more: Letters to My Son in Heaven – A Blog
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